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Vocal Health Masterclass


Have you struggled with losing your voice? Do you experience strain or fatigue when you speak? Are you struggling in your career because you don’t feel that you can trust your voice?


This class will cover daily practices and regimens to prevent vocal issues and keep your voice healthy including:

  • An overview of Vocal Anatomy

  • Therapeutic Techniques

  • Practical Exercises


This master class will give you an overview of knowledge that will help you in vocal recovery and teach you how to build your vocal strength best. This course includes that absolute need-to-knows of vocal health and hygiene. It will teach you how to recognize vocal problems and actively repair the voice or seek proper help if needed.


Thursday, September 30th, 2021


All Ages - 7:30pm EST


Hosted virtually by Samantha Lucas via Google Meet.

You do not need a Google account to attend.


The link to the event will go out via email on the day of the event.


This event is free for all current VBC Students!


About Your Teacher

Samantha has been teaching students of all ages and levels since 2015, in diverse styles and teaching methods geared toward the goals of her students. Some styles include Musical Theater, Classical, Jazz, Pop/Rock. Samantha has a unique skill set centered on education, professionalism, and passion, and dedication for education in the arts.

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