Get the quality lessons you’ve been looking for.

Personalized, insightful and fun!

In the first lesson you will get to:

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Meet the Teacher

Discuss your goals as well as strengths and weaknesses 

Go through some exercises

Receive homework to get you going

Learn all you can expect going forward in lessons!

Your first hour long lesson is $75.


What happens if you love the first lesson and want to continue? After your first lesson, you can sign up with one of these options!

$265/month for weekly

45 minute lessons

$315/month for weekly hour lessons (recommended!)

$530/month for weekly

90 minute lessons

We pride ourselves on giving consistently exceptional instruction to our students so they get the most value possible from their monthly tuition. As a student of our studio, you get:​

  • ​A saved Private weekly lesson with one of our amazing instructors

  • Constructive criticism and positive reinforcement 

  • Time spent on material you actually enjoy! 

  • Confidence and control in your craft!

  • Free monthly masterclasses and special events

  • Purposefully designed exercises to master techniques

  • Noticeable improvements and progress

  • Fun homework to keep you motivated between classes

"The school responded very quickly, was able to schedule at a convenient time for me in a reasonable amount of time, and immediately started teaching my son valuable techniques he could actually use right away to improve."

-Joseph S.

What happens if you have to miss a lesson?

No worries, we build tuition with this in mind and we’ll see you at the next one! Budgeting and scheduling for lessons is simple - tuition is divided evenly over the year so your monthly payment will always be the same. We reserve your spot for only you, and don’t do make up lessons. You’ll get about 5 free lessons (happening on longer months) as a buffer for the inevitable missed classes due to student cancellation, holidays, or studio breaks. 


How does the payment work?

All payments will be automatically deducted from an account of your choosing on the first of the month. There is no long term commitment so you can stop or change your plan before any new month begins.


What sets us apart from other vocal and theater instructors?

We are professional performers in addition to teachers, and are able to relate to students in a unique way. We understand the challenges students face and can easily communicate and even demonstrate for them during lessons. We teach all levels and styles, and base our lesson plans on the student’s goals. We’re VERY passionate about what we do, and LOVE helping students grow into better performers!