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Vocal Health for the Performer Masterclass


In this month’s masterclass, we will be taking a look at vocal health from the perspective of a performer.


You will learn how to best care for your voice with consistency.


We will be helping you:

  • cultivate proper vocal hygiene

  • practice healthy singing

  • utilize tools to help your voice recover from injury or sickness

  • better your vocal stamina

  • and set yourself up for vocal success in your performances

Thursday, May 5th, 2022
All Ages - 7:30pm EST
Hosted virtually by Julia Ragusa via Google Meet.
You do not need a Google account to attend.
The link to the event will go out via email
30 minutes prior to the start of the event.
This event is free for all current VBC Students!


About Your Teacher

Julia Ragusa is a Boston based coloratura soprano, actor, and dancer with her Bachelor of Arts in Music and Theatre Arts from Gordon College. Additionally, she studied at Fordham University’s Summer Musical Theatre Intensive at Lincoln Center. Professionally and in college,she has performed a variety of leading roles both in musicals and traditional plays.

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