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Who, What and Why? - This is Voice by Chelsea


What are our Core Values?

We could name a dozen things we stand for when it comes to being the best online singing school, but we narrowed it down to five core values we bring to each and every student and to every lesson.


Forget the rigid teachers sucking the joy from lessons. We believe lessons should bring fun and enjoyment along with education. We teach the music our students want to sing and get excited about. Our teachers are performers themselves with a strong love of singing and teaching, and we can't help but share that passion with our students.


We are highly trained professionals with experience performing and teaching students of all ages, levels and styles. We've worked with everyone from complete beginners to seasoned professionals and celebrities. We are always learning and finding new ways to improve the experience of our students.


We truly care about our students and become friends with them, providing a comfortable and fun environment where students can grow in confidence and skill. We don't do cookie cutter, "one size fits all" lessons. Our lessons are personalized and tailored to each individual's needs. We provide constructive criticism, positive reinforcement, and appropriate challenges as students grow in their singing journey.


Our virtual lessons mean no commuting to in person lessons, which saves our students stress, time and money. No worrying about missing precious lesson time due to traffic, bad weather, or even sickness. Online lessons mean students can learn from anywhere, anytime as well - students take lessons in the comfort of home, on break at work, in the car, even on vacation.


We provide as much value as possible to help you grow in your singing journey. Our students receive prerecorded warm-ups, access to special events and performance opportunities, access to monthly masterclasses on topics pertaining to voice - all in addition to their weekly private lessons.


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