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Virtual Becomes Reality: Singing Lessons in Today’s World

The pandemic of 2020 has changed or shaped almost every facet of daily life but not all of it has been in a bad way. Almost every business had to start implementing some form of virtual communication and providing singing lessons was among the list. But have no fear, even though your lesson is no longer in person, it does not mean you are not still receiving all of the same benefits! In this month’s blog we are going to go over 3 ways virtual singing lessons are just as good, if not better, than traditional singing lessons.

#1 - Anywhere, Anytime

We’re always looking for better or convenient ways to make our lives easier. Virtual lessons allow you to take lessons in any location as long as you have WiFi or great cell reception. Take lessons in your pajamas from the comfort of your home. Take them in your car before or after a work shift. You can even keep up with your vocal lessons from a tropical island while on vacation. With such a convenient way to learn to sing you’ll be progressing faster than ever.

#2 - Increased Attendance

You no longer need to worry about missing lessons due to unforeseen circumstances. You’ll no longer have to worry about running late to your lesson due to traffic or having to cancel due to poor weather conditions. Not only that but now you can fit in a vocal lesson into almost any schedule due to the time saved. These days we’re busier than ever and finding the time to work on something you’re passionate about or have always wanted to try has become easier to do with virtual lessons.

#3 - Wider Selection of Teachers

With traditional, in-person lessons you are typically limited to teachers only within your area. If you live in a small town or in an area with only a couple teachers you’ll typically have to settle for what you have access to. However, with virtual lessons you have access to an entire catalog of teachers and music schools. Here at Voice by Chelsea we not only have over a dozen highly-trained and educated teachers to take lessons with but each of our teachers host specialized Masterclasses that alternate each month that any of our students can attend at no cost.

With the rise in platforms such as Zoom, FaceTime and Google Meet the world is connecting virtually more than ever. The shift to work from home positions has been accepted on a much larger scale and people are more on-board with virtual learning than they were a year ago. Learning to sing virtually has had zero impact on the progress of our students and has only enhanced our program as our teachers are more exposed students with drastically different backgrounds and experience levels. Virtual lessons are here to stay and we pride ourselves on delivering the best experiences to all of our amazing students.