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Virtual Becomes Reality: Singing Lessons in Today’s World

The pandemic of 2020 has changed or shaped almost every facet of daily life but not all of it has been in a bad way. Almost every business had to start implementing some form of virtual communication and providing singing lessons was among the list. But have no fear, online lessons are awesome and come with really cool benefits! In this month’s blog we are going to go over some major ways virtual singing lessons are just as good, if not better, than traditional in person singing lessons.

#1 - Convenience

Take lessons anywhere, anytime. We've seen it all - students singing in pajamas from the comfort of home, in the car before or after a work shift, even on a tropical island on vacation. Maximize time with your friends and family and still hit your vocal goals. With such a convenient way to learn to sing you’ll be progressing faster than ever!

#2 - Consistency

Virtual studios allow students to more regularly attend their lessons. You’ll never run late to your lesson due to traffic or have to cancel due to poor weather conditions. You can even have a productive lesson with your teacher when you aren't feeling your best, safely from the comfort of home.

#3 - Less Stress

Having to commute to an in person lesson means having to spend more of your precious time, money, and stress. You can avoid all of that with virtual lessons. You can focus on just singing and doing what you love, making your life much easier!

#4 - Wider Selection of Teachers

Traditional in-person lessons leave you very limited to teachers only within your area. Virtual lessons give you access to an entire catalog of teachers and music schools, so you never have to settle for nearby. Here at Voice by Chelsea, we boast several highly-trained and educated teachers from all over the country. Not only do they teach private lessons, they also teach specialized Masterclasses that alternate each month that any of our students can attend at no cost.

As the world has shifted to working and learning online, it's no surprise that we've caught on to these benefits. Virtual learning is now highly sought after and has only enhanced our singing lesson studio. Our studio families and teachers love connecting to each other. We're all from different locations, backgrounds, experiences, and cultures, with one common passion for music and singing. Virtual lessons are here to stay and we pride ourselves on delivering the best experiences to all of our amazing students.


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