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So... What Happens in a Voice Lesson?

Hey, everyone- Melissa here! I'm a voice teacher, and the manager, at Voice by Chelsea. As the person answering all of your burning questions via email, phone call and text, I find that one of the questions I receive the most is, "What exactly happens in a voice lesson? How does this work?" Sometimes we forget that the answer to this question could be totally foreign to someone who has never taken a voice lesson before! So, if you find yourself interested in trying a lesson with Voice by Chelsea, April's blog is here to dive deep into what you can expect!

First, let's talk technology. Lessons at Voice by Chelsea are one-on-one and conveniently run virtually, via Zoom or FaceTime! You don't need any special equipment-just good wifi and a device to connect with us! And yes, virtual lessons are highly effective. We can hear everything we need to hear, see what we need to see, and still build a connection with our students as if we were in the same room. Whether a student is a complete beginner or a professional singer, they still see improvements through consistent lessons at Voice by Chelsea.

Speaking of building connections, one of the most important parts of your first lesson is getting to meet your teacher. After all, this is the person who will be guiding you on your vocal journey! Every teacher on our team is incredibly knowledgeable, experienced, kind and encouraging. Your teacher will want to know your background with music, your goals, strengths, weaknesses- all the things that make you "you" and brought you to taking a lesson! One of the things I value most as a teacher with Voice by Chelsea is having the opportunity to cultivate lasting relationships with my students. They know that our lessons are a safe space to try new things, get out of their comfort zones, and explore their talent without any judgement- and I think that relationship is the most special part of voice lessons.

In your first lesson, you will most likely go through some basic vocal exercises. These are usually called "warm ups," but these exercises are much more than that... they really are used to improve your overall vocal technique and skill. Voice lessons, and the exercises your teacher may give you, are not a one size fits all- lessons are tailored to the individual's needs. And no, there is nothing you need to prepare for your first lesson! However, if there is a song you'd like to share with your teacher, we would love to hear it!

Typically, your first lesson will end with your teacher giving you feedback on what you're doing well, what you can improve on, and maybe a little homework to help you make progress as you wait for your next awesome lesson! Often times, we will also ask you to start making a list of songs you love singing, or find challenging, and would want to work on in your upcoming lessons.

Most importantly, I want you to know that you should expect to have FUN! And I'm not just saying that: I have proof! So many students that were nervous for their first lesson email me afterwards to say that they cannot wait to continue their progress, that their teacher made them feel very comfortable, and that they had a blast! All they had to do was take that first step to book the lesson.

So...are you ready?


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