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Car Ride Karaoke

Why Singing in the Car is False Practice

We’re all guilty of this: We’re driving or riding in the car when our favorite song comes over the speakers and we immediately begin to sing our hearts out. The feeling of singing is so joyous and instinctual that we just cannot help ourselves! The song finishes and we sit there feeling accomplished but is this actually productive? For some of us - we consider singing in the car a form of practice but how much of it is truly focused and intentional?

When we sing in the car there are countless distractions that impede our focus and growth. From traffic lights and pedestrians to direction signs and more. There are simply just too many things to focus on and we don’t want to cause accidents or endanger any of our fellow drivers. For this reason alone you simply cannot get in a productive practice session while singing in the car.

To really practice your craft requires a set aside time and intention to rehearse the techniques and exercises taught during lessons. It cannot be interrupted with constant distractions. Don't be mistaken - we're still going to sing our hearts out in the car at each and every opportunity because it’s in our nature - but it should be for just the pure joy and fun of singing. So next time you skip out on a practice because “I’ll just sing in the car on my way to [insert any destination]” - remember that you’re only fooling yourself. Set aside a dedicated time, put in the work and you’ll thank yourself next time you’re riding around with friends and you leave them all shook.


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