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7 Tips for Creating Lasting Habits

2023 is here! January is the month for New Year, New Me, but if you're anything like me, your New Year's resolution has already seen its demise (RIP). Creating new habits is NOT an easy task! As a voice student, it's important to have a solid routine in place when it comes to practice time and vocal health and hygiene, but where do you even start? Here's some simple ways to ensure you're doing all you can to build new, healthy habits.

1. Start with a small change and increase it little by little. Don't overwhelm yourself or focus on the big picture all at once!

2. Make it fun!

3. Have an accountability partner, or at least tell people about it! You're more likely to stick with your 20 minute practice session each day if you warn your roommate that there's going to be some strange sounds coming from your room every day at 2pm.

4. Set a specific intention/goal for your habit. Being vague with yourself will only allow for wiggle room when you find yourself coming up with reasons to not follow through one day.

5. Never miss the habit twice in a row. If you miss it one day, it's ok- just start again tomorrow! However, studies show that if you miss the habit more than twice in a row, you're less likely to get back on track.

6. Reward yourself!

7. Show yourself compassion. Don't beat yourself up if life gets in the way of your new habit. Give yourself some grace, and show up the next day.


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