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Meditation Masterclass

meditation for singers masterclass


Thursday, September 30th, 2021


All Ages - 7:30pm EST


Hosted virtually by Lanie Morillo via Google Meet.

You do not need a Google account to attend.


The link to the event will go out via email on the day of the event.


This event is free for all current VBC Students!

Do you love the idea of using relaxation as a form of achieving your vocal goals?

Would you like to know how mindfulness, meditation and music are  all connected?


Join this masterclass to indulge in awareness of self and healing through sound focusing. In this masterclass we will discuss the power of meditation and it’s link to music and vocal practice. By exploring the origin of mediation and uncovering it’s many forms, students will leave feeling more connected to their most authentic voice.


About Your Teacher

Lanie Morillo is a dedicated singer, songwriter and vocal instructor. She has received her bachelors in Music Education at Aaron Copland school of music, and has been a lifetime lover of several genres of music. Although her early training began in 2009 with specialties in Opera and Musical Theatre, Lanie has a natural love for Jazz, Soul and R&B.  

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