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Associate Voice Teacher


Jesse Maclaine began singing before she could speak and began performing in early childhood. As an adult, she studied with an Arts focus at Florida State University then relocated to study Jazz immersively and quickly launched her career as a professional musician in New Orleans. She later attended the University of Colorado and earned her BA in Music, Psychology, and Women's Studies. With more than 25 years in the music business, Jesse’s thriving and ever evolving career as a performer, composer, recording artist, and music producer informs her teaching style and empowers her to explore a wide range of topics with her students.

“Whether you're a professional seeking refinement or a beginner who has been told they “can’t sing,” I can help you! My broad range of experience and interest in many types of music and media means we can study anything you want. You will find I am open minded, well rounded, intelligent, light hearted, compassionate, intuitive, highly skilled and lots of fun! Lessons can be intensive or casual, depending upon your time commitment and goals. I customize each lesson to highlight and expand my student’s skills, inspire their pursuit of knowledge, deepen self awareness, and optimize potential. I believe that music is for everyone and I am delighted to offer lessons to all ages and skill levels!”

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