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The 12 Bar Blues - Masterclass

12 bar blues masterclass cover
Have you ever wondered why so many classic songs such as “Hound Dog”, “Rock Around The Clock”, and “Boogie Woogie Bugle Boy” sound so much alike?
Please join us for a fun masterclass on one of the most commonly used chord progressions in musical history: the 12 bar blues form.
In this masterclass you will learn: 
  • This recurring chord progression lasting for 12 measures

  • The I, IV, and V chords

  •  How to scat using vocal improvisation

  •  Explore songs and genres that use these chords

  • History of the 12 bar blues

  • Jazz and rock and roll from the 1940’s through today

More details

  • The masterclass will be held via Google Meet

  • A Google account is not required in order to join

  • Link to the masterclass will go out 30 minutes prior to the start time via email so make sure you are subscribed!

  • The free masterclass is only available to current students!

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