Associate Voice Teacher


Kristina Morales is a vocalist and songwriter from the great music city New Orleans, Louisiana. She’s a graduate of New Orleans Center for the Creative Arts and holds a BFA from The Boston Conservatory in Musical Theatre. Upon graduation from the conservatory, Kristina started a career in contemporary and cultural music in New Orleans, leading and supporting numerous professional musical projects and recording sessions.


After a decade in New Orleans, Kristina moved to Orlando and sang as a featured performer in Disney Springs at the Walt Disney World Resort. She has 10 years of experience teaching all styles of voice and is passionate about helping people find their most authentic voice and sound. She loves working with yoga to open the body for more relaxed singing and is the perfect candidate for students looking to develop their signature sound and style. Her teaching style is encouraging and relaxed.


Her goal is to create a safe space for learning and experimenting with your voice and artistry. She’s excited to bring her experience, knowledge and passion to the VBC vocal studio.