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Associate Voice Teacher


Kevin DeLisa holds a B.M. in Vocal Music Education from Ithaca College.  He has a love for singing, composition and arranging, beatboxing, and piano. During his time in college, he has found a passion in teaching the voice, educating dozens of his colleagues and students, helping them develop as vocalists while also having an enjoyable experience. Kevin has performed in acclaimed vocal ensembles such as the Ithaca College Choir where he performed under the decorated Janet Galvan, the Jazz Vocal Ensemble of Ithaca performing in the 2019 ACDA festival, and the esteemed All-Male Identifying A Cappella group Ithacappella performing at Lincoln Center and on the ICCA stage.


In his time directing Ithacappella, Kevin has had the opportunity to arrange upwards of 50 pop vocal arrangements for performance to thousands of students over his college experience, one of which was nominated for Best Arrangement at an ICCA Semifinal competition.

During his school's breaks, he and this ensemble would tour around New England, giving vocal workshops and performances to middle and high schools to better develop their students' understanding of performance as a whole. Kevin has a wealth of knowledge in jazz, pop, musical theater and classical music, and looks forward to learning more through his students and colleagues.  His passion for learning and teaching the voice has helped him teach those around him to become stronger and more confident in their own voices, and he hopes to instill this confidence in you!

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