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Associate Voice Teacher


Austyn Harcarova is a singer-songwriter and voice teacher. She has a wide variety of a musical theater background from plays such as Les Misérables to Narnia and has been in over 17 musical productions. She started singing at the age of 3, began acting/singing in musicals in 2005, and has been performing now for over 17 years. She has a passion for helping people come into who they truly are, and this journey lead her to join a local worship team in 2015 which she's most passionate about. She then released an EP with worship team Rally Worship on all streaming platforms. She has worked as a voice and theater leader at a summer theater camp in New Jersey with both children and adult students. In 2016 she began teaching students ages 12-40 vocal technique and stage performance in one on one workshops as well.


Austyn has a passion for teaching students and helping them to become the best version of themselves. She believes a truly great teacher doesn't just point out greatness in a student, they also create a space for their students to flourish and blossom into their fullest potential so they too realize their own greatness and can see in themselves what the teacher also sees. Austyn also believes that everyone on this earth is a creative, and she absolutely loves helping people find their purest sound. Austyn believes that out of all the instruments, the vocal instrument is the most special because it's a personal instrument that only you can play and every persons voice is unique.


Austyn is so excited to join the VBC team where she can help students accomplish their personal goals, go after what they love and are most passionate about, and improve their vocal performance. 

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